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I recently moved to India to work with a private equity fund which provides growth capital to companies across sectors. Previously, I was with a Boston based venture capital fund. Over the years I have focused on technology, media and telecom businesses. Although I am relishing my return to India, my thoughts and ideas are frequently tainted by two decades of experiences in the US as a student, employee, entrepreneur, consultant, strategist, and M&A artist.

Disclaimer: All opinions expressed in my blog are just that: opinions, usually mine (unless explicitly quoted) and in no way represent the views of my employers, clients, or investee companies.

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Added January 23, 2010:

Inspired by my friend Rob Go of Spark Capital in Boston, I am instituting regular “open office hours” to be more accessible for conversations with the entrepreneurial community around me.  Find me for lunch or coffee to discuss your ideas related to technology, telecommunications and media.   We can meet somewhere in Nariman Point, Mumbai unless we can agree on a distant but mutually convenient location.   Entrepreneurs, bankers and industry practitioners who want to have a two way discussion about their field and/or private equity and venture capital, please sign up at http://tungle.me/shyam for an open slot.   I am also open to phone calls if you reach me via comments on this blog,  the contact form below or on LinkedIn or Twitter.

Given the open nature of this invitation, I will have to exercise some discretion depending on my ever changing schedule, but I am looking forward to some interesting conversations.

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