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Transitioning from a corporate job to a startup

Over the years, as an entrepreneur and later as an investor, I have mentored many career transitions from the world of large corporates to exciting roles at startups.   A director of sales at Oracle who becomes a VP of Sales at NewCo  and a senior brand manager at Procter & Gamble who leaves to join a new consumer eCommerce business both experience loads of trepidation as they weigh their options.   Some of my conversations with similar executives have highlighted misconceptions (some bordering on the absurd) that they harbor about the world of startups and more specifically the world of equity compensation.    I recently put down my thoughts in a bunch of slides which I hope will guide a few more than I can reach out to in person.

Disclaimer: Bear in mind that putting out a generalized compensation primer makes LITTLE sense.  All situations are different, so this is a broad set of guidelines at best and your mileage will vary greatly. However, in the interest of entrepreneurship I will step out on thin ice.

As always, best viewed in full screen mode.  If the slide show does not work for you, please try downloading the slides from here.

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