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Ten signs that social networking is a step back

January 12, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

On a lighter note today, I am listing ten signs that social networking is a step back for humanity (in order):

  1. Made-for-facebook photo opps: you have seen them, I am sure, trying hard to grab a “caught in the moment picture”  all the while wearing a look of anticipation about how it would look on their profile.
  2. Inane posts:  personally, I think social networking status updates should be similar to conversational updates.  If they are not amusing, unusual or in some other way interesting to someone other than your mother, ordinary events in your life should not be status updates.  Do we really need to know that “you are in the gym” if we  are not workout buddies?
  3. Blog and news comments that go “first, yay!”: really, that’s your thing? Being the quickest to respond to a story but not saying anything?
  4. Photos and videos that you should not share: did we really need to see graphic footage of little Jeff’ leaving the womb?
  5. Photos and videos that others  should not share: you know you have a few of those – pictures or movies that are embarrassing if not incriminating.  And then someone uploaded one of them and tagged you.
  6. Status updates are now “status” updates: tweets that go “Please help me decide: should I buy the @Maserati? the @LearJet? both?”
  7. Connection envy: enough bragging about how many friends, followers  or connections you have.
  8. Undesirable connection requests: your boss, your parents, a forgettable ex-partner, etc., who you cannot refuse but do not want on your network.
  9. Viral applications: enough said.
  10. Supplanted reality: In the year 2010, laptops, blackberries and iPhones go everywhere with us: family dinner, a movie, the loo, a cozy chat with a friend and probably more intimate situations.   Each of us is living his own life, a virtual life and  perhaps vicariously, other peoples’ lives.  If your attention is a zero-sum game then your real life is getting a raw deal.

I am sure there are more, but thats my quick list.

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