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Mid-life crises.

This week, I approach yet another birthday milestone.    On a long flight to Manila last week, I  was suspended in the audio-visual vacuum between when the clinically efficient Cathay attendant came around to collect my headset and when we landed forty-five minutes later.   It got me thinking about the paths some of us have taken.   A number of my friends and colleagues are in classic mid-life situations (I would not call all of them crises) where they are questioning their purpose and the meaning of life.   Mid-life is variously defined as 35 to 55, even 60, years of age.   As a service to my fellow mid-lifers I have decided to chronicle examples of how we are dealing with it.

So, in no particular order, here is a list of moves I have seen recently and first hand.

  • Training for a full marathon
  • Tonsured head
  • Moved from Facebook to Twitter to grow a  new list of friends; out with the old, bring in the new
  • Working on growing a six-pack (abdominal muscles that is)
  • The old faithful: bought a Porshe 911
  • The other old faithful: bought a Ducati/Harley
  • Moved continents, just because
  • Divorced spouse
  • Came into some money; divorced spouse and now living the high life
  • Changed careers
  • Vacationed solo (I confess)
  • Remarried

Clearly, some of these could be more significant life events and perhaps not entirely a mid-life change but I tend to see all of them as precipitated by a need to shake things up.

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